Step 1
Personalized Diagnosis
Prior to service, the timepiece undergoes a thorough inspection process by our Watch Service Manager to evaluate the performance and aesthetics of the timepiece.

Step 2
Complete Disassembly
Our watchmakers begin by removing the bracelet and opening the case to remove the movement. The case and movement are then completely disassembled piece by piece.

Step 3
Movement Cleaning
With the movement fully dismantled, each individual component is ultrasonically cleaned in specially formulated solutions.


Step 4
Replacing Components
Our watchmakers closely examine each component to identify those requiring replacement. Any worn components are replaced using only genuine replacement parts.

Step 5
Reassembly & Lubrication
While reassembling the movement, each functional component is carefully lubricated using advanced synthetic lubricants to minimize friction and wear.

Step 6
Timing Calibrations
Our watchmakers meticulously adjust the balance wheel and electronically test its timing accuracy to ensure proper timekeeping precision.


Step 7
Polishing & Refinishing
Using specialty compounds and polishing equipment, our watchmakers meticulously refinish and polish the case and bracelet to restore its original luster.

Step 8
Case Reassembly
The case of the timepiece is carefully examined, all seals are replaced to ensure the integrity of its water resistance, and the case is reassembled.

Step 9
Water Resistance Testing
Consisting of a vacuum test, compression test and a condensation test, this process will reveal the presence of even the smallest amount of moisture inside the case.

Finally, Quality Control
Rigorous quality checks are carried out and verified against manufacturing specifications to guarantee the highest standard of quality.

Swiss Watch Service Guarantee Warranty
All complete overhauls are backed by our 1 year warranty that the watch will perform and function properly.
*Swiss Watch Service 1 year limited warranty covers mechanical error under normal use conditions and does not apply to the exterior components. All warranties are void if the watch is found to be abused and or tampered by anyone other than Swiss Watch Service Repair Member